The Executive Board of Rialto Capital AG

After completing his vocational training as an industrial commercial manager, Mr. Mertens started his professional career at 3M Germany. During the years that followed, Mr. Merten supported a one-year hotel liquidation project in Zurich, and then initially took on a role as partner and subsequently as the Managing Director for Braun GmbH, a construction company located in Cologne.

During the same period, he also supported Zimmermann-Mertens Grundstücksgesellschaft Immobilieninvest as a partner. He later founded GITAG and Markus Mertens e. K. Asset Management. In 2003, Mr. Markus Mertens supported the liquidation of a textile discounter with 150 branch offices as an interim manager on behalf of a bankruptcy trustee during a period of seven months. Through 2009, Mr. Mertens was the honorary Executive for Gütegemeinschaft Bau [Construction Quality Association], which represents approx. 500 companies in the construction trade. Initiated by Mr. Mertens as CEO of Deutsche Kredit Management AG and Gesellschaft für Immobilientransfer AG, and as a co-founder of LIP holding S.à r.l., Markus Mertens Asset Management e. K. has focused since 2003 on investing into the real-estate holdings of the Group through property management firms.

In 2011 Mr. Mertens founded Rialto Capital AG, which is the umbrella organization that consolidates the entire know-how.